Monday, November 14, 2011

November scrap-bee block

Hi all - I took some time while on retreat this weekend to get my blocks done for my scrap-bee.  Made two stars using different techniques.

Here's my first block, a LeMoyne star...y-seams and all!  It's my new favourite star block and the whole y-seam fear?  Totally gone.  Yes, it's a little bit fussy to make, but it's well worth it!

Thought I'd try some applique with this one.  You cut out the same peices for the star as above but you use a satin stitch to applique it onto the back instead of piecing the whole thing together.

As always, when making blocks for the scrap-bee, I had to "make" my own fabric using my scraps.  Here's one square I made.  I then cut this into 2.5 inch strips and cut 2.5 inch diamonds using the 45 degree angle on my ruler.

You need eight diamonds to make a these together and then applique to your backing...don't forget your interfacing on the back of your fabric!


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  1. Oh what fun blocks Mary! Another good use of scraps! Awesome! ;)


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