Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bloomin' Tuesday

Finally have some sun and a few blooms to show off.  It seems to be taking much longer for my plants to bloom this year...oh well, thank goodness for lovelies such as these, my favourite, blue lobelia.

The last of my tulips - Queen of the night.

Creeping phlox with some golden creeping jenny.

Found some geraniums to add a splash of colour in the back bed by the playhouse.

My golden elder is loving all the rain we've had.

Finally!  My columbine are starting to bloom!

See how big this bud is?  Can't wait to see the bloom...love, love, love peonies!

The first of my geraniums - Johnson's Blue.

Clematis covering the middle garden bed's trellis.  Makes a lovely privacy screen.

The soapwort is just starting to bloom now.

Some of my blue flax, this came back from seeds I put in last year.  Such a pretty blue.

Monday, June 20, 2011

More quilts for Slave Lake

Hi everyone!  Last Saturday was another quilt day at our LQS with more quilts made for the residents of Slave Lake, Alberta.  See that pile on the table?  That's just a small sampling of what's been made.

Some of us sewed on labels.

While others admired the quilts.

Everyone loved this one, which is really the backing for...

...this.  Pretty awesome, don't you think?

Friday, June 17, 2011

Weekend shop hop in San Francisco

Hello everyone!  I'm back from my weekend shop hop in San Francisco with friends.  Although we went to scout out fabric, we did manage to take in a few sights as well.  The first thing we did Saturday night was head over to Fisherman's Wharf.

Had to check out Macy's too!

And take a cable car...that's a must!

Admired some art...

...and architecture.

Happened upon a street festival in the Haight district.

People were rockin' out to the music.
Found some hippies...

...and met these two lovely ladies from Tibet who graced us with a chant and blessing...isn't that wonderful? 

And saw the silver man...he must have been boiling, it was such a hot day!

Here's one of the shops we went too, Britex on Geary street.  We also checked out Mendel's in the Haight, Fabrix and the most wonderful store of all, Discount Fabrics.  I think the name says it all! :-)

I bought fabric...
...and fabric...
...and more fabric...

...and boots!!   Be sure to check out Sue's blog for more photos of our weekend.

But I still didn't buy as much fabric as Marilyn did...she wins!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bloomin' Tuesday

Hello everyone!  Hope the flowers are blooming and the sun shining where you are.  I only have a few new photos this week for you.  The garden is very slow to get going this year.  There are lots of buds on the peonies and ornamental onions and columbine but not a bloom in sight just yet....maybe next week. 


The ornamental crab is finally in bloom.  The show doesn't last very long unfortunately, maybe a week if I'm lucky.

The first of my clematis.  An unamed variety I picked up on sale at a garden centre last season.

My purple rockcress are finally beginning to bloom. 

This is a first, a duck out by the pool.
He seemed rather intrigued with something by the trees I have off by the fence. He sat there for some time while I puttered about in the house.  Max the wonder dog did not go out to greet him! 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Slave Lake Quilt Initiative Update

We'll we did it!  Our first shipment of quilts are on their way to Edmonton, and then off to Slave Lake.  Over 50 quilts  and 21 pillowcases were made and more are in the works.   We've set a deadline for the 18th of June with all remaining quilts to be sent at the end of the month.  What a great feeling it is to be able to help someone in such a tangible way.  Quilters truly are the most generous people I know!


This past Saturday, a group of quilters gathered to add some finishing touches to quilts made for residents of Slave Lake, Alberta. 

Over 50 quilts were made, many waiting for labels to be sewn on.

The labels were made by one very talented individual in the group.

The finishing touches are added to a quilt as you go log cabin.  A very striking quilt...let's add this one to my to-do list!

Another fabulous work in progress.

A charming baby blanket, ready to go.

What a vibrant quilt...and a matching pillowcase was made as well.  Twenty-one pillowcases were made and are ready to go.

Here's my contribution for this go round, a rag quilt made using flannel scraps.

A favourite fabric.