Thursday, July 11, 2013

Baby quilt finish

My niece is due any day now and I've managed to get the new baby's quilt top finished this week.  I'm spending the day sewing with a friend on Saturday, and my goal is to get the back done and have the whole thing sandwiched up and ready to quilt!


Spent the better part of a day putting the blocks together...see?  three more to go on the bottom.

Ooops!  Look at what happened in the upper right corner.  I was so tired I didn't even notice this at first.

All done and waiting for the back.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bloomin' Tuesday

A few photos of my new garden.  This is my first summer in the new (to me) house and it's great fun to see what will come up next.  There's lots of work to be done even though it is a small garden as it is overgrown...can't stress the importance of planning for mature size when creating your garden!  Oh well, that's part of the fun of gardening, right?  Getting to move things here and there and imagining what it will all look like when you are done...not that you are ever really done. :-)


A view of the eastern corner of my backyard.  I love the contrast between the goldflame spirea in the lower left-hand corner, the perennial baby's breath and the purple salvia.  The pink flower is one of many varieties of yarrow. 

I have no idea what this flower is, have to peruse the gardening books.  There are three of them in the yard and they are all very tall..2 - 3 feet.

I have never seen white perennial cornflowers before.  I have several clumps of the blue in the yard as well, but these were a surprise.

Here's a view of the rest of the backyard..see my St Francis statue in the back?  He looks right at home.  Once more I'm not quite certain what the spiky white flower is in the foreground, but it's lovely and makes a nice contrast with my hot pink geraniums.

A hardy rosebush, a morden blush I believe.

When I see the backyard like this is looks lush and lovely, but it is really overgrown...

A little turtle hiding among the lady's mantle.

Monday, July 1, 2013

After the flood...quilting

Hello one and all, it's been madness here in Calgary the last 10 days.  Over 100,000 residents were evacuated from their homes due to unprecedented flooding in the city.  My family and I were/are incredibly fortunate as we did not have any flooding near our house.  We were glued to the television though as we really could not believe the images we were seeing....what a shock to see the Elbow and Bow rivers rise so high.  I spent a day with friends at a local quilt store making quilts for those in the city and the surrounding area who have lost all of their earthly possessions.  It was heartwarming to see so many people come into the store and drop off finished quilts, fabric squares and fabric donations.   Here's a link to My Sewing Room's newsletter if you want to see photos.

I cleared up my schedule yesterday and kept busy making quilt tops.  I have already dropped off three, using fabric from my stash and picked up donated fabric to make a few are a few pics.

I made these blocks two years ago...just needed a little motivation to put them together.

Had these floral fabrics in my stash for a few years so it was nice to put this one together...a simple brick pattern.
Another project from my UFO pile, ready to go.

Used donated fabric for this one.  We wanted to be sure to make some masculine looking quilts.

10-inch blocks go together so quickly, you have a nice 40x50 quilt in no time.
Another masculine quilt using donated fabric.  They are all being long-armed now and will be ready to go this week!