Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bloomin' Tuesday

Hello Everyone!  First of all, I'd like to welcome Tarasj to the blog.  Thanks for signing up, appreciate it! 

Well, it's that time of the week again, Bloomin' Tuesday - yoohoo!  The late summer blooms are in full swing while everything else is showing signs that fall will soon be here.  If you have an hour or so to spare, go check out all the other fab gardens over at jean's, there's always lots to see!


Every garden needs at least one coneflower and I'm loving my Coconut Lime.  Only one bloom so far this year, but given how my garden has been taken over by gophers, weasels and yes, even a skunk, I'm happy to have any flower bloom! ;-)

Another group of coneflowers, Snow White.  I hope these will last for a few more weeks.

Some fall mums for the container garden on my deck...helps to brighten things up as I slowly remove the other annuals.

This was a nice surprise, my Stargazer lily.  I bought bulbs from a catalogue three years ago and have only had one of the bulbs bloom...maybe they just needed a little more time to settle in??

My patio sweet peas have finally bloomed!  I planted them in May, which is no doubt too late as they took far too long to grow.  This variety is called Cupid's Pink and are meant to be short and bushy.

My nasturtiums have finally started blooming.  This variety is called Alaska.
This yellow beast is my rudbeckia...unknown variety purchased last fall at the garden centre.  I knew they would be tall, as the plant was approximately 4 feet when I bought it, but this is quite a surprise!  Over 6 feet tall...see how it is nearly as tall as my three year old columnar aspen right next to it??  Haha, I love it!

A slightly closer shot of the flowers.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Design Wall Monday

Hello Everyone!  I'm trying to beat the heat by sewing up pineapple blocks using some very cool looking blue snowflake fabric.  Even though blue and white is a very "cool" colour combo, the only thing keeping me from wilting these days are the many fans I have going full blast around the house!!

Now that one daughter is away getting settled in for her final year at university and my other daughter is preparing for the arrival of her baby, it's time for me to get back to quilting!  Take a peek at Judy's blog to see what's on everyone else's design wall.


Here's a better shot of the snowflakes on the blue fabric.

I found a nice white on white fabric to add a little interest to the block.  Very subtle, but still a good fit.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bloomin' Tuesday - Elysium Gardens, Kelowna, BC

Hello everyone!  Not much new in my garden so here are a few pics of the lovely Elysium gardens in Kelowna, BC. 


The garden entrance is rather bland.  The first-time visitor might even think there won't be much to see once inside...

Once inside there are hidden gems like this little chapel.  They were preparing for a wedding reception later in the day.  I can't imagine a more beautiful site, surrounded by such lovely gardens.

A number of the beds were in a formal style, with boxwoods surrounding a variety of beautiful roses.  I was there in early July, so the roses were looking fresh and vibrant.

The yellow roses were particularly striking.

There were quite a few places to sit and view the garden.  I am fond of this particular idea and would love to incorporate something like this in my own garden someday...on a much smaller scale of course!

The shade of the covered walkway was a welcome respite from the sun.

There was no shortage of greenery though, with a variety of trees and shrubs offering an interesting study in contrast and texture.

A few of their rather extensive collection of hostas. 

Flower beds offered a wide variety of perennials, including delphiniums and foxglove.

The daisies put on a good show that day.

An unnamed clematis..what a striking bloom.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Baby shower

Hello Everyone!  Just want to send a warm welcome to my niece Terra, thanks for signing up as a follower, that's so sweet of you!

A few weeks ago, we had a baby shower for my daughter.  She's seven months along now and we are all very excited and looking forward to the baby's arrival.


The mom-to-be with the requisite baby shower sash!
A wonderful quilt from Paulette, the great-grandma!  She is so excited.  She has only grandsons and is hoping for a little girl!

A few lovely handmade flannel receiving blankets and burp pads.  I haven't made a darn thing for the baby yet...must get on that!

With her friend Rachel, who graciously hosted the baby shower.
Baby's first tub toy!

After the shower, I realized I hadn't taken a photo of the baby bump, so here's the latest.  This was our last game of golf together for the season.  Until next year then!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bloomin' Tuesday

Here's a peek at my container as of 7 a.m. I'm lovin' the wave petunias.  I have four of them spilling over the side.  I've never had much luck with these and couldn't understand why so many people would rave about them....now I know why.  Will definitely use these plants again in my containers next year.

My white pincushion flowers are just starting to bloom.

Zagreb coreopsis, such a delightful flower.

I couldn't believe it when I saw these this morning, my first hollyhocks ever.  I put the seeds in last year and despaired of ever seeing them grow - yoohoo!

One lone nasturtium by the lobelia...a striking contrast.

My balloon flower ready to bloom.  These are such interesting little plants as the flower buds are actually little squares...so cool.

One of my daylilies, a very soft peach colour with a burgundy throat.  I thought the petals would have more ruffles, so am a little disappointed overall in this one.

Matrona sedum, a new favourite.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

August scrap-bee block

Hello everyone!  Can't believe I've actually finished my blocks for the month and have sent them out already!  They were super easy to make and I think they will make an adorable quilt.


The finished blocks ready to go.

I received these three pieces of fabric in the mail along with instructions on how to make the block. 

I decided to cut out a heart-shaped template instead of trying to wing it.  I made three pieces of made fabric, two pink and one red.

After I cut out the hearts, I pinned them to the fabric pieces.

I added some tear-away stabilizer underneath the blocks, then sewed the hearts onto the fabric using a zig-zag stitch.

Easy peasy and oh so pretty!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fabric, fusible web and scissors

Hello Everyone!  I've been playing a little with my fabric and some fusible web...just trying out different things.  Saw this in a book I bought, Skinny Quilts and Tablerunners and thought I'd give it a try.  See what you think.


Here's the blank canvas...I had to add pieces to my fabric to make the block big enough as I was determined to only use fabric from my stash for this project.

I had eight pieces of fabric with fusible web that I cut into various shapes, so I had a great selection to play with.  It's sort of like making paper snowflakes...remember that? 

Continue to add fabric..

..and more fabric..

..still more..

Don't be afraid to layer..it's all good.

When you are happy with your design, fuse that fabric!

Here's another one I made.

I could follow the pattern and make a table runner.

Or I could make a table topper or a wall hanging..this has an Andy Warhol feeling to it.

I thought I'd add a little more to this one.

And to this one.  There much better.  Now off the blocks go into my "to be quilted" pile!