Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bloomin' Tuesday

Hello everyone!  Here's a peek at what's bloomin' in my garden this week.  Be sure to check out Msgreenthumbjean and see what's bloomin' in her neck of the woods.


My Sherbert peony, a very soft pink with a touch of yellow in the center.

A pure white peony whose name escapes me right now.  Notice the cornflowers in the back, they are taking over that whole area.

My Sarah Bernhardt peony next to the Silver King sage...love this pink.  Truly a classic.

My soapwort, what a fabulous little plant, next to the geraniums and the double flowering plum in the back.

Snow-in-summer, the good kind, that is.  This was one lone plant a few years ago and has spread into this mass of silver and white...lovely, but needs to be kept in check.

The last of my spring clematis.


  1. Well, there you are. Hope the move is successful and that you are keeping cool. It's way too hot and humid here but with central air, even knitting is possible.

  2. Beautiful peonies! I can't pick a favorite. I love the spring clematis.Your stone edging is perfect. Jean


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