Thursday, March 24, 2011

Renovations finished

Hello everyone!  At long last the renovations are complete.  My supposed two week reno turned into eight, but I am told that is not unusual.  Now comes the fun of unpacking...a slow process...isn't that always the way?  Packing up seemed to go rather quickly and truth be known, I don't really want to put things back as they were.  A change of decor is in order to go with the new look of the house.  Even my sewing room is in disarray, but that's not unusual either is it! :-)  Now I can get back to working on projects I've set aside and planning new projects for the days ahead.

Here are a few photos of the house, now that it's shiny and new.


It's good to have the sewing machine set up and most of my fabric stash put away...note the box and containers on the floor still waiting to be put away.  I think my fabric miraculously multiplied during the renovation because I'm sure I didn't have that much before!  Naturally, all the shopping I did had nothing to do with it. :-0
Note the brand spanking new carpet in a neutral colour...gone forever is the dark forest green carpet that once graced my floors!

The living room with another neutral on the walls and the hardwood flooring.  All this beige is driving me a little mad...I'm thinking of turquoise and perhaps eggplant purple and some sort of green as accent colours.

Those accent colours I mentioned are in a favourite oil painting of mine. 

A new light over the table. 

New tile to replace the worn linoleum.  Much easier to keep tidy.
New low-flow toilets for each of the washrooms.   
New sinks, faucets and countertops for the washrooms upstairs.
Ahhh, my favourite thing of all, a rain showerhead in the new custom shower.


  1. Well, there you are. It must feel so good to have everything finished. I won't tell you how long our reno was since we added rooms too.
    I like the idea of the accents. They will look so nice with the beige. Cushions? A lap throw?

  2. I think those accent colours would be good as well. Your home just looks great!

  3. Very you can get back to doing fun stuff like quilting!

  4. I love the idea of turquoise and eggplant accents. The nice thing about neutral is that you can change color schemes whenever the mood strikes, just by changing accessories. I am sure you could make some wonderful quilted pillows.

    Everything looks so nice.

    The shower head must feel fabulous. I wanted one of those, but never got it.

    I will be looking forward to seeeing the new quilting projects.


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