Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Down to the last block

Hello everyone!  I took my Cool Blues quilt out of my "to finish" pile last week and have been working on it, slowly but surely, this past week.  Each block has 16 flying geese blocks and at 16 blocks, that makes 256 flying geese for the whole quilt.  Not a record to be sure, but enough to make me not want to make any more flying geese for a little while!

I have one block yet to put together and then I can begin the process of putting everything together....oh happy day!


Here's the last of the smaller blocks waiting to be put together - yoohoo!

Here's the best shot I can get at the moment of the quilt.  Once everything is sewed together, I still have a border to add, but that won't take too long to do.


  1. This quilt is so serene.

    The colors and triangles remind me of one I made over 20 years ago---a huge king-size. It was stolen in a robbery at a hunting camp. They probably used it to wrap up guns or something. Anyway, your guilt brought back a flood of memories this morning. Every time I go to a garage sale, I still look to see if that old quilt is there.

  2. I love it. Of course, blue is my favorite color...You have more patience than I do with all those flying geese.

  3. Such a pretty quilt! The blues are gorgeous.


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