Friday, April 22, 2011

A little work done this week

Hello Everyone!  Not much happened in the way of quilting this week, but did manage to add a little more to my breakup quilt.  I'm heading out of town this weekend, a welcome respite from the daily grind, and I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Easter.


Work-in-progress, trying out spikes and scrappy squares.

My photography leaves much to be desired.  altghough this is meant to use dull/flat colours, the spikes do show up when you see the quilt in person.  I've used burgundy, brown, dark green, medium grey and a red print for the spikes. I'm not sure if I just need better lighting, a better camera or perhaps a photography class! :-) 
Time for the next round..

A wider border is needed now, but don't have much of that purple-grey fabric left.  Time to hit the stash and see what I can find.

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