Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bloomin' Tuesday

Hello everyone!  Hope the flowers are blooming and the sun shining where you are.  I only have a few new photos this week for you.  The garden is very slow to get going this year.  There are lots of buds on the peonies and ornamental onions and columbine but not a bloom in sight just yet....maybe next week. 


The ornamental crab is finally in bloom.  The show doesn't last very long unfortunately, maybe a week if I'm lucky.

The first of my clematis.  An unamed variety I picked up on sale at a garden centre last season.

My purple rockcress are finally beginning to bloom. 

This is a first, a duck out by the pool.
He seemed rather intrigued with something by the trees I have off by the fence. He sat there for some time while I puttered about in the house.  Max the wonder dog did not go out to greet him! 

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  1. I like the purple rockcress. I know what you mean about the short beauty of the crab tree- one windy rainy day and it's less than a week for me.


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