Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bloomin' Tuesday

Finally have some sun and a few blooms to show off.  It seems to be taking much longer for my plants to bloom this year...oh well, thank goodness for lovelies such as these, my favourite, blue lobelia.

The last of my tulips - Queen of the night.

Creeping phlox with some golden creeping jenny.

Found some geraniums to add a splash of colour in the back bed by the playhouse.

My golden elder is loving all the rain we've had.

Finally!  My columbine are starting to bloom!

See how big this bud is?  Can't wait to see the bloom...love, love, love peonies!

The first of my geraniums - Johnson's Blue.

Clematis covering the middle garden bed's trellis.  Makes a lovely privacy screen.

The soapwort is just starting to bloom now.

Some of my blue flax, this came back from seeds I put in last year.  Such a pretty blue.


  1. Love the lobelia, one of my favorites too. My garden seems to be a little slow this year too.

  2. Great colours in your garden. Mine is mainly green.

  3. Hi Mary-Frances,
    Your poppy bud looks exactly mine. I bet it will be white with a touch or red in the center.

    I love color of the golden elder...anything chartreuse gets my attention!

    The lobelia is lovely. Does it die out in August or whenever it gets hot in your area? Mine always did.

  4. What lovely colours! A later garden is even more welcome!

  5. Lovely colours thru your garden the bright blue of lobelia is a fav.,Rosemary

  6. Everything looks great! It amazes me how different areas are in such different stages! Peonies came and went 2-3 weeks ago here-enjoy:@)

  7. Can't wait to see your peonies! Your garden is beautiful-enjoy!

  8. Mary, Welcome back! Your garden has certainly come alive! Lovin' all the beautiful colors! Jean

  9. Popping over from Bloomin Tuesday...my first time to visit your blog. You have some lovely blooms.


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