Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Stoney Creek finishing touches

Well hello everyone!  I just want to welcome Cathy to the blog, thanks so much for signing up!  Things have been rather slow in the quilting department lately but a burst of creative energy over the weekend helped me get more work done on my Stoney Creek quilt. 

Here it is, all finished - yoohoo!  Even though it just looks like one large border, there are actually two borders on the quilt with a flange between them.
Here's a better look at the borders.  The first fabric is a darker turquoise fabric with a rust coloured flange sewn on to it.  The second border is a blue-black batik.  I wanted to create the look of a heavy frame around the quilt, like you would see on a piece of art.  I'm still deciding if should keep it on or not.

I'm linking up to the Needle and Thread Network for their WIP Wednesday.  Be sure to stop by and see what everyone else is up to.



  1. Looks fabulous Mary Frances - such an unusual design - I love it!

  2. I think the blue black border works...it does look like a work of modern art:)

  3. It looks amazing,such a striking design and what beautiful colours!

  4. It looks great. I like the rust coloured flange. Keep it up for a couple of days to see if you want to keep it the way it is or maybe make the outer border just a tad smaller.

  5. The pop of colour in the flange is nice. The 3D effect is showing nicely.

  6. It look so beautiful! I love the border - it definitely makes it look like a piece of modern art.

    Victoria xoxo

  7. It is beautiful, love the colors !!

  8. Wow!! Mary Francs...that pieces is just gorgeous


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