Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Maybe next year

Hi all - Ok, so today I'll show you the second group of UFO's I have.  I started some of these projects in 2010 and well, doesn't look like they'll be finished this year either....:-)


Started this hexie project in 2010 and loved it then, but soooo not going to happen this year!
Took a great Craftsy class with Carolyn Waugh...I stitched, I slashed...I put it away!!

I actually have two of these quilts in my UFO pile.  Started them both in 2010 and forgot all about them!!  The other quilt is also black and white but has hot pink for the center square.  There's nothing really wrong with either of these projects, I'm just not feeling it...you know?


  1. Why don't you mix up the black and white blocks from both quilts, alternating the pink and blue, and see if you like it any better. I have a few projects like yours that I know I will never finish. This year I'm giving myself the okay to either give them away, or throw them away. Very liberating!

  2. each person sees things a bit differently, cause, gee I really love the workshop project! Those crookedy squares hold some intrique...


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