Monday, January 7, 2013

Reassessing works in progress

Hi all - Inspired by all the 2012 end of year reviews found in the quilting blogosphere, I decided to organize my sewing room and pulled out  my UFO's. 

Once the deed was done, I hung each project up on my design wall, sat and stared at them for a bit and put them in one of three groups.

I'll show you the first group today - those projects I will get done, for sure, this year.  Each one is nearly finished and I just need the slightest of nudges to get them done:

My paper-pieced stars - just add a border, quilt as desired and voila, all done!

Not sure if I'm up to quilting such a large project - still a chicken in that respect.  Send this one to my friendly neighbourhood long-arm quilter!

Add scalloped border to my 1930's quilt and I can check off another project as done.

Have to take out the quilting from this one...not happy with my thread selection.  And it looks like I'll have to do something about that bump on the left side of the quilt.



  1. I love the paper pieced stars quilt, can't wait to see it done!

  2. Your paper-pieced stars on a black background just wonderful!


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