Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Getting ready for a 2014!

Hello everyone!  My eldest daughter got engaged recently and she asked me to make a double wedding ring quilt as a gift for her and her naturally, I said yes!  I searched through my collection of quilt magazines and books....and couldn't find one double wedding ring pattern.  Not. one. I still can't believe it myself.

I found this wonderful paper-pieced pattern at my LQS, and am going to begin this project this weekend (I'm going to a quilt 'till you wilt on Saturday...more on that later!).  I will make a few adjustments to the pattern though, most notably I won't be adding the applique.  I will make the quilt larger, and will make a scalloped border instead.  That's the plan anyway!

I'm using batiks in greens and blues for the rings.  I found just the right mix of colours in this Bali-Pop called Tiramisu.  They are the colours of the MacIntyre hunting plaid, which is what the groom and his best man will be wearing at the wedding.

My daughter found this double wedding ring quilt for me a few years ago and has been requesting one for herself ever since.  I hope I do the pattern justice and don't muck it up!
 You'll be seeing lots of this project in the coming year, I promise!



  1. And here I was just about to ask you which version you would be doing - the applique all around or the appliqued corners. Too bad but at least you will be making it bigger so your time will be put to good use. Have fun with it. I don't think I would ever attempt one - just like the English paper piecing hexagons. I do, however, admire anyone who does make these quilts.

  2. Whoops, I forgot. Congratulations to your daughter. Busy times ahead planning.

  3. Congratulations to all...and those fabrics will make a wonderful quilt!

  4. Great pattern. I have one in watercolours that is mostly paper pieced, just have to sew all the arcs together. LOL. It's for me so no rush. Your daughter will be thrilled with the end result.


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