Monday, February 11, 2013

Downton Abbey sew-in


Hello all - it's confession time...I'm a Downton Abbey addict.  Love, love, love that show, the costumes, the drama, the pithy one-liners (who doesn't love Maggie Smith??), did I mention the costumes?  I'm following Mary-Kate's Downton Abbey sew-in over at Quilter's Newsletter and thought it was a splendid idea!  Quilting while watching Downton...could life get any better?? :-) 

Well, it's a good idea in theory but I'm not getting very much done in the way of quilting.  Am still working on the binding for my swirling stars...looks like my niece will have to wait a wee bit longer before I can send it off to her. 

Here's a photo of the quilt taken last summer when I began working on it...just realized I haven't taken a photo of it since.  Must get on that!
Looks like I'll have to take another photo when I've finished the binding.


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  1. I have followed Downton Abbey from the beginning but there is no way I would work on something while watching it. I might miss something while my eyes were diverted. Loved the 2 hour episode last night. I get a kick out of the Dowager Countess' one liners and last night Isobel Crawley held her own in the one liners too. A lot of fun.


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