Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's bloomin' Tuesday...

Here's a work in progress. A small wall hanging that I hope to have done for Thanksgiving (which is October 11th in Canada). I've never done machine applique before, so will post another photo once I've actually finished the whole thing. The pattern is from a magazine I purchased last year. The pumpkin on the bottom is my favorite - too cute!

It's bloomin' Tuesday over at http://www.msgreenthumbjean.blogspot.com/ so I thought I'd join the party - better late than never I guess.

This is one of my fall/winter containers. I just planted it on Sunday. I've never done this before, I've only done the winter containers at Christmas with Cedar and Pine boughs. So, hopefully, the evergreens will remain green until at least March and the grass at the back will turn a lovely shade of red and the perennial will remain green until the first really, really hard frost hits it, then it is supposed to turn white. We'll see. This is on my back deck, I thought it would be nice to look out and see something nice during our long winter here in Calgary.

This is my front container by the garage. As you can see I've dressed it up for fall.

Here's a close-up of the scarecrow in the container.

Enjoy your day everyone!


  1. I love how wonderful your winter containers look. Hope they last right up till next spring. :)

  2. Welcome to the blogging world fellow Canuck. I do like your pumpkins and that string quilt. I have to make one one day...

  3. Wonderful container gardens! I can't wait to see how they change with the season. Beautiful and a super idea! Welcome to Bloomin' Tuesday! Jean

  4. Hi Mary-Frances,
    I love your winter container! I will be looking forward to seeing how it looks throughout your Calgary winter.

  5. Lovely pots! Thanks for sharing, Paula from Idaho


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