Monday, September 27, 2010

New Beginnings

A few months back I happened upon a colorful book entitled 'Freddy & Gwen Collaborate Again' at my local library. To say that my view of what quilting could be was forever changed would be an understatement. I had never heard of 'liberated' quilting or of anyone describing themselves as a liberated quilter. Had I heard that particular phrase a year ago, I would have been baffled as to what exactly was meant (are they newly divorced hence liberated? have they been released from prison hence liberated? are they nudists hence liberated???LOL). Fortunately for us all, I now understand the concept of the liberated quilter, someone who frees themselves from the 'rules' (the musts and shoulds of the quilt world) and allows themselves to play and design outside the line. I can't call myself a liberated quilter yet, but, I'm certainly having fun trying. So thank you Freddy & Gwen, the Gees Bend quilters and all the bloggers out there who celebrate the creative process and joy of quilting.
Here's a photo of my DD with my string quilt displayed at the Quilt Festival at Heritage Park this past May. I modified a pattern found in the 'Stratavarious quilts' book by Barbara Persing & Mary Hoover. I had no idea this type of quilt is known as a string quilt. I used scraps from a quilt I made for my mother to make this particular lap quilt. The fabrics are 1930's reproduction. The quilting is a typical meader done in a medium purple thread. I don't have any photos that show the quilting in detail, sorry.

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