Sunday, July 3, 2011

Slave Lake Quilts - Update

Hello Everyone!  Our first shipment of quilts were sent up to Slave Lake and have been distributed.  A friend of a friend (isn't that how it always works?)  helped make sure the quilts were actually handed out and not stored away somewhere.  A total of 100 quilts were made.  Thanks also to a generous reader, Dianne of BC, for sending along two of her quilts. Greatly appreciated!  Here's a link if you are interested in seeing the label we attached to the quilts


The first of Dianne's quilts.

Love the ladybug fabric!

Dianne's second quilt.


  1. How wonderful. I'm sure that they will be greatly appreciated.

  2. What a heart warming effort! I'm sure the families will treasure the quilts.


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