Monday, February 13, 2012

Design Wall Mayhem

Hello Everyone!  Here's a peek at my messy design wall today.  I agreed to make my son-in-law a quilt and I've been slowly collecting fabrics that depict his life, cowboy culture, fishing and anything related to the sea.  So, now that I have this fabric, what am I going to do with it??  Good question....wish I had an answer for you! 

I'm going to leave it up for a day or two and see if it inspires me, or just plain drives me crazy....;-)

Lots of tans, greens and blue tones in these fabrics, so most of them work together.

I could draw out the red from this fabric and use it as an accent colour.

I could certainly use all the shades of brown and black from this fabric...but that would probably make it too dark.

I love this fabric and the other one with the fish, but I'm not really sure I'll be able to work them in.  That bright blue is the first thing that catches my eye when I look at the design wall.  We all want a 'zinger' in our quilts, but I don't want this piece or the other fish fabric to become the focal point of the quilt.  Time to go through my stash and see what else I have that works with these fabrics.  Of course, if I can't find anything, it's off to the quilt store for me!



  1. Those are wonderful fabrics. I borrowed a magazine from my mother, and one of the patterns might work as it uses some larger cuts, Spring 2009 Quilts and More, a pattern called "Cubic Rhythm by Debbie Maddy of Calico Carriage Quilt Designs. There are also some designs in the new book Maverick Quilts by Alethea Ballard that might work.

  2. How fun to have a son-in-law who wants a quilt!

    I can't wait to see what you decide.

  3. A wonderful collection! Can hardly wait to see what it becomes.

  4. Some really great fabrics there Mary Frances - I particularly like the cowboy boots. Can't wait to see how you are gonna 'merge' them all together.

  5. I want to let you know that I gave you a Liebster Award!

  6. It will certainly be a great "these are a few of my favorite things" quilt, no matter what design you choose to use. I'd keep it simple, perhaps alternating rail fence blocks to grab up those bright colors and distribute them evenly throughout. Or a planned 9-patch alternated with snowball blocks made from the larger prints?


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