Saturday, May 4, 2013

May the 4th be with you!!

Happy Star Wars Day one and all....;-)

The force was with me yesterday as I was super motivated to get four more blocks done on my Modern Monday quilt.  The sun was shining and my garden needed tending, but I was in the groove and didn't want to leave my cozy sewing room...I didn't even want to stop and make supper (thank goodness for leftovers and microwave ovens, right?). 

I have four more blocks to do this month before our next modern quilt guild meeting and I need to make myself a nametag...kinda stuck on that one...what to do?  I have another week to mull that one over.


Here are the latest blocks for my Modern Monday quilt.

Block 17 - hour glass variation, not sure what happened when I made this one but it is 1/2 inch too small....oh well.

Block 19 - another star block..I love star blocks, one of my faves

Block 20 - wonky shoo fly 

Block 18 - wonky flying geese


  1. I think block 19 is my favourite, but then I am also partial to stars!

  2. They all look pretty! The wonky shoo fly is fun. And yes, the microwave is our friend!


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