Tuesday, May 7, 2013

modern monday blocks

Hello all, just a quick note to show that I have been in the sewing room and I did make two additional blocks for my modern monday quilt yesterday. 

It was such a beautiful day here on Monday, sunny and warm, warm,warm!!  I wanted to spend time tidying up the garden but was happily distracted by the great giveaways available in the blogosphere....man oh man, I cannot believe all the fabric and books and other goodies to be found.

Sew Mama Sew is hosting her semi-annual giveaway extravaganza.  There are 275 bloggers listed who are having giveaways and just as importantly, are willing to ship their prizes internationally...yoohoo! 

Have fun!

Well, if you've stuck around to check out the photos, thank you!  Here's the whole gang so far, 20 blocks made of 64.

Here's my wonky bars.  This used up some of the smaller scraps which I was glad to do. 

This little sweetheart was paper pieced.  I quite like it even though the photo is rubbish.  Two more blocks to make this week and I've completed my eight blocks for the month...which means I'm actually keeping up with everyone else in the guild - yoohoo!

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  1. love your modern blocks! started following your blog. :) My own little blog is at http://cottonncoffee.blogspot.ca/


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