Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cool Blues all done

Hello everyone!  I finally managed to finish the beast..aka my Cool Blues quilt.  I booked some time in the classroom at my local quilt store Saturday night and spent the evening adding the borders to my quilt.  Now it's time to send it off to be longarmed, no way am I going to attempt quilting this one as I am still a beginner in that respect.


I took this photo before I put the three final pieces together.  I knew once I added the borders I would have a tough time trying to take a photo of the whole thing.
Here it is, all done.  I asked my daughter and her boyfriend to stand on the couch and hold the quilt up so I could try to get a decent photo.


  1. It is beautiful, MF. Are you keeping this one for yourself?

  2. Cool blues - my favourite. You did a wonderful job. I like the way you put it together.

  3. It's beautiful! Congratulations on finishing - it's well worth the wait!

    Victoria xoxo


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