Monday, December 12, 2011

2011 Scrap-bee blocks overview

Hi Everyone!  Oh my goodness, I am simply overwhelmed with all the responses I've received for my giveaway!!  Everyone is so incredibly kind to stop by and leave a comment...I truly appreciate it.  Thank you and welcome to all those who have signed up to follow!

Here's a look at all the blocks made this past year using 'made' fabric for the quilting bee hosted by Victoria at

Our first block of the year was big and bold with an awesome slash of red to tie it all together.

For February's block, we were asked to make a block using no more than five large pieces of fabric from our scraps.

March brought a request for scrappy neutral blocks.

April was my month and I asked everyone to make a 6.5 inch red block with a slash of white.

The request for May was truly unique...a green "field" with a "lake" ....

The fabric cut from the scrappy green block then became an "island" on a blue fabric background. 

In June we were asked to make leaves...any kind and any size.

In July we could choose our favourite colour and make a block and then make a same sized block using neutral fabric..

Place one block on top of the other, make two random cuts, switch the two middle pieces of fabric, sew...and voila!  Two blocks.

August brought a request for appliqued hearts.

September brought a new challenge. We were asked to make fabric in a colour of our choice, then we had to cut them into recognizable objects.  That blue object at the bottom is supposed to be a cloud...:-)

October's block was a modern take on a Grandmother's Fan block.

November saw us seeing stars...any size, shape and colour as long as it was on a white or black background.  This was a perfect opportunity to try out a LeMoyne star and work on those y-seams!

This is the last block of the year...a much brighter star using red, yellow and of course some made fabric.


  1. That was fun to see all the blks done in a row.
    Thank you for showing that.

  2. So fun to see all the 15 Minutes Bee blocks featured. Hope I can get into a future bee. Your blocks are great! I'd love to see your "white streaks on red" quilt.

  3. Awesome block play Mary-Frances! I am curious, will these blocks make up one quilt in the end?


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