Sunday, December 4, 2011

Peace and gratitude

Hello Everyone!  The city was transformed into a winter wonderland overnight and the snow is still know those magical type of snowflakes that exist mostly in our memories of youth, soft, puffy, falling oh so slowly and gently to the ground...that is what I woke to this morning.  
This peaceful scene got me thinking of all the things
 I am grateful for.   

Decorations on houses, lights on trees, how fortunate I am to have a roof over my head, food in the pantry and people to share it with.

The peacefulness of solitude, taking time to think, meditate, it what you will, time to recharge and reconnect with your creative self.
The unexpected gift from a quilting friend, the lightness of laughter, the sharing of sorrows, knowing you are not alone.
 Happy Sunday sewing!


  1. The snow does look beautiful. However, I'm not in any rush to have any on the ground here. Happy quilting.

  2. I'm going to recharge and reconnect too, once I've finished shoveling!

  3. Ha ha! I was going to wait until after Christmas to post the flip side of my rather romantic view of snow...I'll call it Chaos and Crankiness...what I really think of snow in January! lol


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