Thursday, July 21, 2011

July Scrap Bee Block

Hello Everyone!  It seems I am on a roll with my scrap bee blocks, despite the heat!  I managed to finish my July scrap bee block and will send it out tomorrow.  This month, Sandy asked us to make two large monochromatic blocks.  The first block could be any colour we chose and the second had to be a neutral block - beige, whites, nothing too dark, as long as it "read" like a light neutral.  After trimming down our made fabric blocks, we place one on top of the other, right sides up, and make two vertical cuts.  Switch the two middle pieces and then sew the blocks back together.  It was so much fun to make.  I really think I need to begin making extras for each block so I can have a scrap bee sampler when I'm done.  Yup, I think I'll just add that to my "Things I'd Like to Get Done Someday When I Have More Time Than I Do Right Now!"  :-)


This is what my "made fabric" block looked like.  It's not supposed to be neat or tidy...not yet anyway.  I chose green as I still had all of my green fabric out from my June scrap bee block.

This is my neutral block, looking good now that it's trimmed down to a 13 inch block.  I used soft yellows and some darker beiges but used the "wrong" side of the fabric instead to give a softer overall look to the block.

Place one block on top of the other, making certain both are facing right side up.

Take a ruler and make a vertical cut anywhere you like.

Make another vertical cut and separate your three pieces of fabric.

Switch the green and neutral fabrics for the middle piece only.  Sew all pieces back together.

You now have two blocks green...

...and one neutral.  I think this will make a very striking quilt!


  1. That looks like fun to do! I really must get back to sewing soon.

  2. The blocks look great, I'll try it too, when I have time... oh....!!!!

  3. What a neat idea. Great idea of yours to use the reverse side of the fabric too.


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