Monday, July 18, 2011

June's scrap bee block

Hello Everyone!  I forgot to show you what block I had to make for my scrap bee last month.  It was Glen's turn to create a block and she asked us all to make leaves.  She gave us two options, the first being a leaf made using curved piecing, something I've never tried before.  The second option was to make some fabric using our green scraps, cut out a leaf shape and applique it to a neutral background.  I tried both methods.  I think I should stick to applique from now on ;-)


I chose a nice dark green fabric for my first leaf.

Cut out the leaf.  The had to be at least 12 inches long.

Made a cut down the middle.

Added fabric for the vein.

Sewing the middle piece on.

Nearly done, just need to trim it a bit.

Added the neutral fabric and voila.  I have a leaf that really looks like a set of lips!  Seriously!!

My second attempt wasn't much better really.  This one reminds me of a boat.  Oh well.  At least I tried.  I sent them on to Glen anyway, I thought she could use a good laugh! :-)

Time to give the second method a try.  Here's some of my made fabric.

I cut out a leaf shape.  It's a little wonky, so some trimming is in order.

Here it is, all trimmed up.  Added the background fabric and a stem.  So far, so good.

Must not forget the stabilizer!

Everything is pinned together: stabilizer, background fabric, leaf and stem.

Here it is, all done.  I used a zigzag stitch on the leaf and stem.  I practiced on a scrap piece of fabric first and adjusted the stitch size and length until I was satisfied with the way it looked.

One more leaf done.  I rather like this one, I must say.


  1. Yes, your scrappy one looks great!

  2. They all look great! I must try this.

  3. I really like them all. The last one looks like a tree to me.


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