Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bloomin' Tuesday - Elysium Gardens, Kelowna, BC

Hello everyone!  Not much new in my garden so here are a few pics of the lovely Elysium gardens in Kelowna, BC. 


The garden entrance is rather bland.  The first-time visitor might even think there won't be much to see once inside...

Once inside there are hidden gems like this little chapel.  They were preparing for a wedding reception later in the day.  I can't imagine a more beautiful site, surrounded by such lovely gardens.

A number of the beds were in a formal style, with boxwoods surrounding a variety of beautiful roses.  I was there in early July, so the roses were looking fresh and vibrant.

The yellow roses were particularly striking.

There were quite a few places to sit and view the garden.  I am fond of this particular idea and would love to incorporate something like this in my own garden someday...on a much smaller scale of course!

The shade of the covered walkway was a welcome respite from the sun.

There was no shortage of greenery though, with a variety of trees and shrubs offering an interesting study in contrast and texture.

A few of their rather extensive collection of hostas. 

Flower beds offered a wide variety of perennials, including delphiniums and foxglove.

The daisies put on a good show that day.

An unnamed clematis..what a striking bloom.

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