Monday, August 29, 2011

Design Wall Monday

Hello Everyone!  I'm trying to beat the heat by sewing up pineapple blocks using some very cool looking blue snowflake fabric.  Even though blue and white is a very "cool" colour combo, the only thing keeping me from wilting these days are the many fans I have going full blast around the house!!

Now that one daughter is away getting settled in for her final year at university and my other daughter is preparing for the arrival of her baby, it's time for me to get back to quilting!  Take a peek at Judy's blog to see what's on everyone else's design wall.


Here's a better shot of the snowflakes on the blue fabric.

I found a nice white on white fabric to add a little interest to the block.  Very subtle, but still a good fit.


  1. Blue is my favourite colour and I do so love interesting white-on-whites. We have central air and when it was hot and humid, I just hibernated. It is getting cooler these days and it feels like fall is around the corner.

  2. This does look very wintery and cool!


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