Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bloomin' Tuesday

Here's a peek at my container as of 7 a.m. I'm lovin' the wave petunias.  I have four of them spilling over the side.  I've never had much luck with these and couldn't understand why so many people would rave about them....now I know why.  Will definitely use these plants again in my containers next year.

My white pincushion flowers are just starting to bloom.

Zagreb coreopsis, such a delightful flower.

I couldn't believe it when I saw these this morning, my first hollyhocks ever.  I put the seeds in last year and despaired of ever seeing them grow - yoohoo!

One lone nasturtium by the lobelia...a striking contrast.

My balloon flower ready to bloom.  These are such interesting little plants as the flower buds are actually little squares...so cool.

One of my daylilies, a very soft peach colour with a burgundy throat.  I thought the petals would have more ruffles, so am a little disappointed overall in this one.

Matrona sedum, a new favourite.


  1. Your wave petunias look great! I never have much luck with them either.

    Matrona sedum is one I don't have. She looks lovely. I like the darker foliage.

    Congrats on the hollyhocks! They take two seasons to flower. I have tried them a few times, but have no luck on getting them to return. I really love them, though. Maybe I should try another spot next year.


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