Monday, September 5, 2011

Design Wall Monday

Hello Everyone!  Here's what's on my design wall today.  It's a little bit of everything really.  Projects I need to the pumpkins, to different techniques I want to my "cheater" water colour panel.   The other two projects need some attention as they've come to a complete standstill...time to pull some fabric and play!


These are the projects waiting for some attention on my design wall.

Watercolour quilt the easy a panel, cut into 2 inch squares, sew panel together again.  Right. But it's far from done, as now I get to play with applique, beading, couching and other embellishments in order to make this panel pop!

My no guts, no glory panel....I know I had a plan for this, I'm sure I have a sketch lying around somewhere...

These cute little guys have been waiting around for a year now and I think it's high time I finished this project!!

The divorce quilt...time to pull out the sombre fabrics and cut and sew, cut and sew, cut and really is a healing thing for me.


  1. Cute pumpkins. Will they be a table runner?

    The divorce quilt is looking pretty interesting, too.

    I started another fairy godmother last night.

  2. I never thought of doing a watercolor quilt that way. Great idea.


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