Thursday, September 29, 2011

Scrap Bee - September and October's blocks

Hello everyone!  Have two very different blocks to show you this time around.  September's block is not a block at all actually, they are shapes as requested by San-Dee.  She is planning on making quilts for Alzheimer's patients and asked that we cut out shapes from our made fabric.  Great idea!

October's block is super cool.  It's a modified grandmother's fan.  So much fun to make.  Can't wait to see all the blocks put together...this is going to be one fantastic looking quilt!


I made a cloud, a tulip and a wonky heart for San-Dee's quilt.

For the October block, you need to start by making a large piece of fabric, at least 12 x 12.

Cut it down to 11 x 11 and then cut a piece of contrasting fabric the same size.

Place one piece of fabric on top of the other, both pieces must be right side up.  Cut in half, on the diagonal.

Cut off the bottom point of the triangle, about 3 inches up.

Make four cuts and switch two of the pieces as shown.

Sew the top pieces together.

Press seams and add a 3.5 inch black half square triangle to the bottom.  Voila, a modified grandmother's fan!
As always, you can see what everyone else is doing at


  1. What an interesting block. Nice to see you're back into the swing of things.


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