Thursday, January 27, 2011

Quilts in Movies

Hello Everyone!  One sign that you are undeniably hooked on quilting occurs when you start noticing quilts in movies you're watching instead of paying attention to the story line!!  Well, it's either that or the movie is really, really bad...

Here's a quick list of a few movies with quilts on display....feel free to add your favourite movie.


1.  Eclipse - T-shirt quilt given to Bella from her Mother

2.  Nanny McPhee - quilts on some of the children's beds, some have crocheted blankets

3. Christmas with the Kranks - yup, there's a lovely red and white quilt hanging on the wall in their hallway

4.  For Richer or for Poorer - Tim Allen & Kirstie Alley find refuge with an Amish family...yeah, I know, but the quilts are lovely :-)

5.  You've got Mail - on Meg Ryan's bed

6.  New in Town - a unique gift for Renee Zellweiger

7.  The Proposal - featuring the "Babymaker"

8.  How to make an American Quilt - the title says it all


  1. My friend Terry has a quilt that will be in the next Jennifer Aniston movie, I can't remember the name. It is sunlfowers on blue background and is behind the bed on the wall. Look for it!

  2. I believe there is a "babymaker" quilt in The Proposal starring Sandra Bullock.

  3. I'll have to start noting the quilts I see in movies and on TV. There are a surprising number of them. I haven't seen the ones you mentioned.

  4. I do that too! My husband does it now too (although he rarely spots one BEFORE me). Which I think is funny, my people don't give a second thought to quilts but they are everywhere!

  5. Aesthetically, the quilts in For Richer or For Poorer are my favourite- but comedy wise "the Babymaker" takes the cake I would say!

    xoxo Victoria

  6. Susan Sarendon makes quilts for her kids in 'Stepmon' whilst she is dying of cancer. Julia Roberts is 'Step mom.

  7. Quilt spotting in movies is one of may favourite pastimes! There is one in Camp Rock ( I have 2 daughters) and a few in the Clint Eastwwod movie The Beguiled. Just to that came to mind.


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