Sunday, January 16, 2011


Hello everyone!  We'll I've had a busy weekend of packing up the house getting ready for the renovations.  The crew is supposed to arrive at 8 am tomorrow morning, raring to rip up carpet and tear into the linoleum.  I'm not sure what I'll be doing tomorrow, but it won't be working in my sewing room, that's for sure!  Guess I'll just have to go shopping...haha!!


 By Friday all of the photos, paintings, prints were put away...
Made a big dent on Saturday with most of the lighter furniture moved to the basement.

On Sunday everything else was moved into the basement or upstairs in my sewing room.

This is what my sewing room looks like at the moment.  If I squeeze in behind the chairs, I can make it to the sewing machine...hooray!  I won't have to pack it away just yet!


  1. Enjoy your day...perhaps fabric shopping?

  2. What a big job you have ahead of you--been there. It is a ton of work, but oh, so exciting to see changes made every day.

    What exactly are you changing? Did I miss that post?

  3. hey there fellow Calgarian.! I, too, will be living in my basement this summer.or fall...or both.... while undergoing yet more renos....

    Better than last time..when we lived in the garage... ... sleeping between motorcycles and potted plants ...and cooking on the BBQ, with the microwave and electric frying pan...

    hopped over from Dolores' blog... all the way to eastern Canada ..just go come back to home town...hahhah... pretty funny..well, I think so anyway....


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