Saturday, January 1, 2011

I have four PhD's...

...Project's half Done that is!  Actually, I have more than four, but I've decided to commit some time to finishing up four of them in the first six months of 2011.  I took the plunge and joined Myra's PhD challenge yesterday.  Here's the link so you can see what everyone else is working on...and there are sooo many fabulous projects to see.


The first challenge is to finish this charity quilt I made using blocks made by some of the girls in my daughter's girl guide troupe.

I need to get this beast ready for quilting...I may even hand quilt this one!

My favourite project, with only four blocks to go before I can put it together I seem to have hit the proverbial brick wall...couldn't say why it's taking sooo long to finish.

After sewing up two rows for this project, I promptly gathered up the pieces and put them away... this quilt will reduce me to tears, I just know it!
  Six months to finish these up....think I can do it?


  1. Hi Mary-Frances!
    You've got 4 great projects there to finish!!!
    I don't think you've posted them on the PhD group blog... Do you think you could?
    If you just copy this post from your edit page, you should be able to paste it into at group blog post... 8-)


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