Thursday, January 6, 2011

Two more projects ready to finish

Hello Everyone!  Look what I picked up from my long-arm quilter on Tuesday afternoon!  I wasn't expecting them to be ready so quickly, so this is a very pleasant surprise.  Thank you Rita for all the excellent work you do for me.  Both quilts are original, meaning I didn't follow any patterns for them, just made a few blocks and started playing with placement and fabric choices.


I originally wanted to have this quilted with a fan-shaped pattern, but that wasn't working out, so decided to go with the diamond-shape...a classic.  I wanted an old-world feel for this quilt to complement the muted tones of the Robyn Pandolph Canadian Cottage fabrics.

Tried to get a better shot of the quilting and the thread, a lovely dark green, but this is as close as I could get without making everything blurry.

Here's my second project done.  It's really a shame my skills as a photographer are so bad because the colours on this quilt are really quite rich...the brown is a lovely deep chocolate brown, but everything just looks washed out...(sigh).

Really love the swirly quilting on this one, done in a pink variegated thread.  So fun!


  1. How wonderful to get them both back more quickly than you expected. You are lucky to have such a dedicated long arm quilter.

    Now it looks like you have more work to do to get them all bound. What color of binding are you planning for the chocolate brown quilt?

  2. Great quilts. It is nice to get your quilts back before you start missing them. My friend used to go to one long arm quilter but she got so busy that it half a year or more before she got down to doing my friend's quilt. My friend has since moved and found a quilter close by who is quicker and also takes my friend's requests as to how to quilt the quilt.

  3. Your quilts are beautiful. I really like the chocolate one.


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