Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Renovation update

Hello everyone!  I'd like to begin by welcoming Maureen to the blog.  Thank you for signing up, appreciate it!

Well, the fun has begun folks, the house is topsy-turvy and we are basically living out of the basement or in my sewing room.  The contractor and his crew arrived Tuesday morning at 8 am and they were ready to start ripping up carpet and tearing out linoleum.  I spent the day with a friend and when I returned, the dishwasher was in the living room, dirty dishes and all and the fridge and oven were right next to it.  Looks like I'll be using my dialing finger to whip up our evening meals for the next little while :-)!


What is wrong with this picture?  Seems to me a few appliances have gone missing, in addition to a whole kitchen island.

I'm sure there was a stove here at some point...yes, yes, I do recall making a meal or two there. ;-)  I'm glad we still have the microwave to use, se we don't have to eat out for every meal (which gets to be tedious after a while).

Aha!  There's the missing stove and dishwasher!  And quite a few packages of wood flooring. No sign of the tile yet, hopefully it will be here tomorrow.


  1. It will be nice when it's done but the process is frustrating. when we had ours done we took a week long trip. I couldn't face the mess...

  2. Oh my gosh. I feel for you. We went through a renovation (addition and update) when the children were small and it was horrible (but fun at times.) Drywall dust all over. It really hasn't stopped since last year we put in a new laminate floor in the living room/dining room.
    Keep your humour, you will need it.

  3. Wow good luck Mary Frances...I know it will be wonderful when it is fiished..


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