Thursday, February 3, 2011

Inspiration is everywhere...

Hello everyone!  You never know where you might find inspiration for your next quilt.  Designers often suggest you go to museums, or take a peek at decorating magazines or go outside and see what the natural world has to offer.  Excellent advice, I say.  Sometimes, though, inspiration will strike when you least expect say, when you are out a discount store.....for towels.

I spotted these three hand towels in the bargain bin ($12 for the three instead of $12 each...not a bad buy).  I was drawn to the change in colour found on each towel, light, medium then dark.

The towel on the left has silver grey dots and the one on the right has purple grey squares. 

This one in particular strikes me as something I could do with my Kona solids...a very simple design with gradual changes in colour (or conversely really bold changes in colour).  Maybe a weekend project for me??

Something else I noticed today was the abundance of pink found in the stores...I even picked up this fun ironing board cover for myself. 

Here's another pink purchase.  I love this colour, it reminds me of... of my Kona solids.  See?  Left side, second from the bottom, plumberry it's called.  If I run out of fabric I guess I can always cut up my shirt!   ;-)

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  1. I would love to see a gradation in colour using your towel as inspiration. I think it would work out well and be very striking.


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