Tuesday, February 1, 2011

One PhD finished!!

Hello everyone!  I'm doing my happy dance :-) I finally have one PhD finished!!  I finished the quilting Saturday evening and sewed the binding yesterday.  Instead of sewing a different binding on I opted to use the backing as binding and just wrapped it to the front.
This is a much faster way of binding, although, I must admit, I like the look of traditional binding better. 

Now that I've completed my first Project half Done, it's on to the next one, my Cool Blues quilt....


Here it is, all finished - hooray!

A close-up of the painted blocks.  I picked up the house fabric at IKEA of all places!
It was great fun making these houses, the girl guides wanted to keep making them all night!
Pink was definitely a favourite colour.


  1. Well, congratulations. It's always a nice feeling when you finish a project. I think it's a great way to bind a quilt - using the backing.

  2. Very nice. I too prefer traditional binding but sometimes speed is more important.


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