Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Krazy for Kona solids

Hello everyone!  Forgive the silly spelling, I couldn't resist...heehee, but it could have been worse, I could have said Kalgary woman goes Koo-Koo for Kona...see?  much, much worse. :-)

But yes, I have gone absolutely crazy for Kona solids.  They are ridiculously difficult to get here in Calgary.  So much so, that I finally broke down and ordered some on-line.  And then, that was so much fun, I ordered more, and then... I just needed a tiny smidge more...and now, I'm afraid to even look at fabric websites because...well,...because, my name is Mary-Frances and I'm a Konaholic.
I said it.

You know who

One little order at Connecting Threads started it all, 24 fabulous fat quarters in muted solids... 

...lead to another order of 24 fat eighths in cool solids (I tried to get fat quarters but they had sold out)...

...which lead to my latest order from and these lovelies, ummm, 11 yards worth...uh-huh, I'm way beyond fat quarters now.  ;-)

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  1. Mary-Frances those fabrics looks so pretty together, you are tempting me too!


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