Monday, February 28, 2011

One year ago today...

Hello everyone!  One year ago today we were some of the fortunate people who witnessed the best hockey game ever!  Yes, we saw the Men's Olympic Gold Medal Hockey Game.  How lucky are we??  It is something my daughters will never forget, from the heartstopping tie in the 3rd period by the American team, then our own gold-medal worthy goal in overtime...I've never heard shouting like I did that day.  It was an incredible experience.


We saw all sorts on the way to the arena...the chill in the air didn't stop these two from nearly baring it all!

Getting the ice ready.  Our seats were up in the nosebleed section, but we didn't care!
The crew, waiting for the game to start.
These blue seats were for media and special guests...the lights flashing from cameras were incredible.

See the men in suits sitting at the table?  They were from one of the national networks.  When the game was about to begin, they would scramble to their seats and the desk would slide back into the stadium.

Getting ready to face-off.
A very blurry shot of Iginla...from our very own Calgary Flames.

Jumbotron shot of our first goal.  I stopped taking photos after that as the game was just too exciting!

After Crosby scored the winning goal.  It was madness...of a good sort.

Our flag unfurling as the national anthem played.
Sidney Crosby grabbed this incredibly huge flag from someone in the stands (so glad they weren't sitting in front of us!) and skated around the rink.

Two very happy girls!

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  1. I've never felt more Canadian than I did at that hockey game - what a great memory!

    Victoria xox


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