Thursday, December 2, 2010

Quilters and their pets

Daily Quiltspiration - Colour selection often strikes fear in the heart of the new quilter.  Let the designers do the work for you and select fabrics from a coordinating line.  This guarantees that the colours will work well together and you can focus on making your first quilt!

Hello everyone!  I just want to let you know about a wonderful photo display being held at the Quilt University website. Quilters were asked to submit photos of their pets in the quiltroom and there are some really cute ones.

Be sure to check it out, it will brighten your day.  I missed the deadline for submission this year, so here's my entry.


Quilt approved by Max - No matter how often I tell our dog to get off the quilt, he has to sneak back and give it his seal of approval!

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  1. We have the same "problem" in our house. Chloe will lay on anything to do with quilting. I truly believe she was a quilter in a previous life.


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