Thursday, December 9, 2010

Two quilts are better than one, right?

Daily Quiltspiration - Consider how the artist chooses to frame his or her work, is the frame heavy and ornate, slim and minimalist, somewhere in between?  How about photographs that catch your eye, are there mats of varying colour and widths?  Pay attention to what catches your eye first and how the frame plays a part in focusing your attention to the subject.  Consider this when making a border for your next quilt.

Hello everyone!  Just want to show you what I've decided on for the black and white quilt...well, I couldn't decide so I'm making two black and white quilts instead!   One will have only pink as the center block and the other will use not one, but three of my jewel tone Kona fabrics, namely teal, deep purple (eggplant I think) and periwinkle.  It's a little more subdued, but still fun.


Here's the periwinkle and the teal...

...the purple...
...and the hot, that's zingy!
One placement option for the blocks

And another...once I make a few more blocks for each quilt, I'll really be able to play with the placement...sunshine and shadow, streak of lightning, chimneys and many options!


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