Monday, October 11, 2010

Late summer garden

My garden is ready to be put to bed, and not looking all that great, so I thought I'd share a few photos of my garden as it was in late August.  Be sure to check out all the other gardens at because it's Bloomin' Tuesday!

Coreopsis in the front - they were late to bloom this year for some reason.  This variety is Zagreb.

Drumstick alliums in front of the globe spruce.  I planted geraniums and nasturtiums in the container.  They were just starting to come back after a nasty hail storm earlier in the month.
I purchased a packet of seeds three years ago and they have self-sown ever since - they're called Musk Mallow (I think - like I said, it's been three years! lol).  It's always a delight to see where they pop up in the spring and summer.
I left the cover on the pool one morning and the birds came to play in the water.

A shot of the middle raised bed towards the back of the yard.  The reddish shrub in the foreground is a barberry.  On the right is my Betty Corning clematis. 
A shot of the back bed with Rose Campion on the right and a rather sad looking Cleome by the watering can.  On the left at the back is the lone zuchinni plant I put in, we still picked over 20 zuchinnis from this one plant though.

This photo was taken early October, a lone snapdragon that popped up late August - love the dark red colour.



  1. What a beautiful garden you have, especially considering the lousy summer weather we had!

  2. Nice plants here. I love the green watering can. Haven't ever seen birds play in a swimming pool, chlorine and all?

  3. Your flowers are still looking great! Thanks for sharing, Paula from Idaho

  4. I love plants that just pop up where ever they want! The shot of the water can is lovely. Your garden was certainly beautiful in August! Jean

  5. Your garden is lovely and the birds are so cute!

  6. neat birds in the pool! I also love the drumstick allium and the bright red snapdragon.


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