Sunday, October 24, 2010

Quilty distractions

Hello everyone!

I'd like to welcome Gina, Cathy and GrandmaRockton.  Thanks for joining me this week, greatly appreciated!  I'd also like to thank everyone for their comments, I'm always interested in hearing what you have to say.

So here are a few projects that have distracted me this week...I really need to focus on my blue and white quilt so I can finish it and then move on to one of these...

Another block for my Kitchen Sink quilt.  I still think it needs a little something, perhaps another wonky cut and fabric strip? 

This is all I have so far, 2 scrap blocks, 1 star and a little filler piece...very slow going with this one for some reason!
Here's a project I've had in my sewing room since May.  Inspired by Gwen Marston's love of old fashioned quilts, I'm trying to create something with that 'old world' look.  It's scrappy and somewhat wonky and it needs a little more, but what?

Here's a close-up of the fabric for you.  See how I added a strip of white at the top of the block to make it the same size as the other blocks? A few blocks needed a little tweaking, which adds to the whole 'old fashioned' look.

Here's one option I'm considering, a large border around the whole thing..and then calling it a day.

This is the possible border fabric shown's also a 1930's reproduction, so matches all the other fabric in the quilt.

But....I kind of like this bright fabric too.  It adds a little zing to the quilt.  What do you think?  Zing or traditional?

Here's some fabric I picked up at IKEA of all places.  My daughter is a girl guide leader and they will be making a quilt, so we are going to play with this fabric...maybe paint it, or colour it with markers or something fun the kids will enjoy doing. 

I've had this sad little block sitting in my sewing room for over a year (or two).  It's my first attempt at a supposedly wonky house...hahaha..not really all that wonky, eh?  It's sometimes harder than you realize to break out of the 'everything must be straight' mode and really let go and have fun...oh well, we've got to start somewhere.

Here's a closer look...mmmh, that's some tall skinny door, don't you think? Does that qualify as wonky? :)  Maybe I should add this block to my Kitchen sink quilt....I'll have to dig out a few more orphan blocks and see what happens (even though I need to stay focused on finishing my blue and white quilt!!). 

Looks like I might not get to my blue and white quilt today after all. May all your distractions today be of the quilty kind!


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  1. Thank you Mary Frances,
    Funny that I also have some fabrics from IKEA. Why I asked myself? And it is the same pattern as yours. lol

    I love your not so wonky house and the paw print fabric is gorgeous. A pet should live in this house.


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