Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Show and Tell - Part Deux

Hi all - Just thought I'd show a few more photos of some finished projects.  Unfortunately, most of the photos were taken from a distance and it never occured to me then to take close-up shots of the fabric or of the quilting....oh well, live and learn, right?  I did manage to do a bit of work in the sewing room today, so I hope to have new photos for you tomorrow.


Here's a shot of my very first quilt.  I gave it to my Mother as she loved these colours.

Here's a wall quilt I made using 30 ten-inch square blocks.  I took three blocks at a time, stacked them and then started cutting with a ruler.  I did not measure as I wanted a somewhat haphazard look.

This is without a doubt the largest quilt I've ever made...because I didn't read the pattern!  I saw a photo in a book, thought it looked nice and started cutting fabrics from a set of fat quarters I purchased and it just kept growing and growing and growing.  I named it Prairie Garden.  It's on display at the Heritage Park Festival of Quilts and you are seeing only two-thirds of the quilt.

Here's a little lap quilt I whipped up for my daughter with a set of charm squares.  The fabrics have a funky 1970's vibe to them, so naturally I had to find some avocado green to go with the oranges, golds and brown!
Here's a baby quilt I made this spring.  My husband needed a quick gift for a client, so I grabbed the brightest fabric I had and made a very simple quilt for him.

Here's a better shot of the center squares, the fabric is from the Riding the Rails line and has trains in blues & reds. A fun fabric and perfect for a little one.

This one I call my Maui Mistake - because the fabrics were purchased on our holiday in Maui (naturally) and it was a mistake to sew them together - they are just plain awful!!!  It's probably the ugliest quilt ever, but the kids think it is hilarious and they won't let me hide it away.

Here's my favourite quilt made with my 1930's reproduction fabric.  I really love the snowball block, it showcases your fabrics and has a retro look to it.  Another quilt made for my mother.


  1. Hi Mary-Frances,
    All of your quilts are lovely, but
    I really love the bright, cheerful 30-block quilt--gorgeous!

    I need to get back to sewing.I have not done much for the past few months and I am really getting the urge--winter must be near.

  2. So nice to see all of your lovely quilts! And I'm glad you posted the Maui Mistake ha ha - I can't wait to come home at Christmas and snuggle up with it. I can think of our trip to Maui while it's snowing!

    xoxox Your daughter :)


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