Monday, November 22, 2010

Almost done!

Hello everyone!  I'm almost done the civil war print lap quilt for my sister (who is gifting it to her husband).  I wanted a decidedly masculine look to this, and I think I've accomplished it.  The log cabins in the center with the pink centers are just the thing it needed to make it pop without making it overly feminine.


Close-up of the log cabin block - that pink is perfect, not too overwhelming but adds a pop of colour

Here's the center all sewn up and a small light brown border added to it.  The next two borders are ready to be sewn on.
This is the first time I've done traditional log cabins.  I've made liberated log cabins before but really like how these turned out.  I think I see a log cabin quilt in my future!


  1. Traditional Log Cabins are one of my favorite blocks- yours is very handsome! (Notice I did not say pretty as it is a masculine quilt...)

  2. I like the look of that with just the right amount of a hint of pink! Very nice work.


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