Friday, November 5, 2010

Canadian cottage quilt done

Hello everyone!  Now that the weekend is here, it's quilting time for some of you and family time for others.  Whatever you do this weekend, hope you all have a wonderful time doing it. 

I just have a few photos to share, as I seem to have injured my left hand somehow.  It's nothing serious, just a little swelling, so that means no quilting for me this weekend (dr. hubby's orders....but we'll see about that!).  I wonder if this also means no cooking or laundry for me either....mmmmh, that might not be so bad after all, lol!

This is what the quilt looked like on Thursday...

...and here it is all done!  I wanted an old fashioned feel to this one so decided against the typical four equal-width borders.  I chose to add a 5.5 inch border to the sides and top of the quilt, then add a 2 inch contrasting border and a 7.5 inch border to the bottom.

Here's a closer look at the borders and the fabric.  As for quilting this one, I think a fan-shape will be perfect for this one.

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  1. Beautiful, Mary-Frances. I like the different size borders and a fan design sounds perfect.

    I hope your hand is better soon.


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