Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Baby quilt top finished

Hello Everyone!  Hope you're all staying warm.  I managed to finish the baby quilt top I started last Friday.  I made a few changes to the pattern, just to make it my own. I also try to do a few hexagon blocks every few days, just for a change of pace.  I keep noticing patterns with hexagons now that I've started making them...does that happen to you?  I'll show the hexies once I have a few more made up.  Tomorrow is girl guide night, so I better spend the day finishing their quilt top.


Thought I'd add a little something to the quilt, so made these wonky blocks.

They turned out not too bad I think.

I began with a 5-sided piece of fabric, although you could begin with any piece of fabric for the center, a square, a triangle, whatever you choose. 
Made sure I had my fabric scraps handy.

Started adding strips around the center piece of fabric, log cabin style.  Here's one piece ready to go on, I'm checking to make sure it is long enough.

Ready to sew.  I finger press the fabric open once it's sewn on.

Another piece of the puzzle added.  Continue in this manner until you've reached the size you need.

For this block I needed to make sure it was at least 7.5 inches long and wide.
Getting ready to cut the fabric down to the needed size.
Here it is, ready to be added to the quilt top.  By the way, there are a number of tutorials on how to create these types of blocks.  Here is another one if you wish to check it out:

The finished quilt top.

One more shot of a corner block.


  1. Mary-Frances it turned out adorable! I think she is going to love it.

  2. That's adorable. I really like how it turned out. Thanks for the tutorial. I like it when people show how things are done. It helps newbies and those that learn visually. Some quilters are just so giving.

  3. I love how your baby quilt has turned out it is gorgeous. The wonkiness is a great idea for a kids quilt.


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