Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bloggers Quilt Festival

Hello everyone! There's a virtual quilt festival happening over at  There are literally hundreds of amazing and wonderful quilts in all sizes and styles.  If you are looking for some quiltspiration (and have some free time to admire all the incredible work) then the quilt fest is the place to go. 

Some of you may recognize my quilt entry, it is my no-name batik quilt (really hoping to find a suitable name for it).  I am most proud of this quilt because it represents a branching out from the comfort of my usual style of quilt and colour choices.  The pattern is based on one by Karla Alexander in her book 'New Cuts for New Quilts.'


Full view of the quilt - I started off with 30 different 10 inch batik squares, stacked them in groups of 5 and began cutting.

Close up of the fabrics - the batiks are from Tonga.

I had this quilt longarmed, used a very bright variegated thread (pinks, greens, yellow) and the pattern is really quite swirly although it looks ameoba-like in this shot! lol

Just wanted to give you a sense of the quilt's size.

Another look at some of the fabric.


  1. Very nice, I love the scrappyness of it!

  2. Le stoffe in batik non deludono mai....
    Sono sempre meravigliose
    Ciao Ciao

  3. Love all those batiks! Such a fun quilt and the scrappy look is so fun. Great work!

  4. This quilt has come together so well.
    Gorgeous colours in the batiks. They work so well in this design!
    Great quilt!


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