Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Snow Day!

Hello everyone!  Guess what happened yesterday?  That's right, it snowed.  Our first big snowfall of the year and the roads were insane.  DH took my car to work so I was home, without a vehicle, which means I had a snow day!  I did a little quilting, a little housework, a little reading and a little on-line Christmas shopping.


The view from my sewing room.
...and the backyard.

One hexagon done...

...and another one!
I started playing with the placement of the triangles, here's one option...

...and another.  So many possibilities, so little time!


  1. We are still waiting for our snow, not impatiently, I might add. It is predicted to arrive today.
    Your hexagons are looking good!

  2. fabulous. So creative.
    amazing effect.

  3. Ah, what a winter wonderland! I'm going to start playing the Christmas tunes I think, haha. The hexagons look really cool, they make me think of kaleidoscopes!


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